About Culturemondo

Culturemondo is an open network of international digital cultural specialists who work together to facilitate strategic and relevant knowledge exchange.

We aim to engage, empower and inform digital cultural specialists, no matter where they are from, to become effective facilitators in their own neighbourhood.

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We define success as being:

  • A thriving network of active collaboration and exchange.
  • Conversion of roundtable participants into active network members.

Our methodology is:

  • Open, practical and solution focussed
  • A mix of face to face and virtual
  • Applying technologies to support networking activities
  • Sustainable
  • Non political
  • Socially responsible
  • Committed to use of open source software and low cost relevant solutions

Benefits of participation in the network:

  • Access to likeminded specialists internationally
  • Insight into different good practices
  • Access to information about trends and developments of Internet technologies
  • Cross-cultural exchange
  • Opportunities to meet, work, learn, socialise and have fun

Culturemondo is coordinated by an International Steering Committee.