Culturemondo Steering Committee meeting 2010 and Conference “What’s next in the Internet?”

June 27 – 30, 2010, Luxembourg and the Greater Region hosted the 2010 Culturemondo International Steering Committee (ISC) meeting in Luxembourg which took place in the across border context of the Greater Region (Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and France).
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What is the Greater Region?

Conference, June 30th, 2010: “What’s next in the Internet”?

Luxembourg City, Cité Auditorium

In addition to hosting the ISC meeting, Plurio organised a one-day conference in Luxembourg City to share the international expertise of the Culturemondo network with the regional cultural sector. Members of the Steering Committee (Seb Chan, Jane Finnis & Aleksandra Uzelac) and Experts from the Netherlands and the Greater Region talked about their ideas and discused the following questions:

  • What’s the next big trend in the Internet?
  • What is the added value of the use of Internet for cultural operators?
  • How can they make a better use of it?
  • How can I measure the success of my website?


9.30: Key note by Mme Octavie Modert, Ministre of Culture, Luxembourg

9.45 – 13.00:

Jane Finnis, director of and chair of Culturemondo: “From Portal to Publisher, A case study of online cultural publishing”

Sebastian Chan, Powerhouse Museum Sydney: "How do we measure the economic and social value of cultural websites?"

Floor van Spaendonck, director of Virtueel Platform, opens the perspective on new tendancies in the use of Internet by cultural operators

Aleksandra Uzelak, Croatia presents the Culturemondo study "The Place of Cultural Portals in the context of converging digital culture".

13.00 – 14.00: Lunch-Break

14.00 – 15.00: Panel discussion on the question that affects us all: “What’s next in the Internet?” with Jane Finnis, Floor van Spaendonck, Olivia Deleay (communication expert of the French Speaking Community of Belgium), Soenke Zehle (new media expert of the School of Fine Arts Saarland), + one journalist/media representative.

15.00 - 16.00: Workshop by Sebastian Chan on Google Analytics

16.00 – 17.00: Press Conference “From portal to app: results of the project and outlook on future services in the Greater Region”

About the project and cooperation:

The project “” develops actions to encourage cross-border cultural cooperation and to present the cultural offerings of the Greater Region. The diversity of the cultural offerings is not only visible through the cultural portal [], but is also accessible for new users and audiences via data transfer. The basic idea of is to enable the collaborative administration of the cultural content of the Greater Region. Every sub-region of the Greater Region is responsible for its own modalities of organisation, collection, transfer and administration of the information concerning its own sphere of competency. The partners have decided upon the further development of the project as well as technical and content-based upgrades. The dynamic of the cross-border cultural network receives crucial support from the operation and development of is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the programme “Interreg IVA Grande Région” and benefits from funding by:

Agence luxembourgeoise d'action culturelle asbl. (Luxembourg, LU)
Ministère de la Communauté française de Belgique (Wallonia, BE)
Région Wallone (WBI)
Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Jugend und Kultur (Rhineland-Palatinate, DE)
Staatskanzlei Saarland, Abteilung Kultur (Saarland, DE)
Etablissement public de la Coopération Culturelle ARTECA (Lorraine, FR)
Ministère de la Culture, DRAC Lorraine (Lorraine, FR)
Conseil Régional de Lorraine (Lorraine, FR)

Funding of the ISC meeting and the conference:

The ISC meeting and the conference were funded by the cooperation because it allows to better communicate its objectives and to better promote the positive results of its work, which are significantly inspired by the work of the Culturemondo network. is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the programme “Interreg IVA Grande Région”

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We would like to thank the City of Luxembourg and the “Agence luxembourgeoise d’action culturelle asbl”, which are funding the venue and the organisation of the conference (Cité Auditorium,, the French Ministry of Culture in Lorraine (DRAC Lorraine), which hosted the ISC meeting in Metz, the operational partner of in Lorraine, EPCC Arteca (, which is organising the ISC in Lorraine.

We would like to thank in particular Ms. Ocatvie Modert, Minister of Culture of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for her keynote speech.

Special thanks are going to M. Pol Goetzinger from the “HotCity” initiative of the City of Luxembourg (
M. Soenke Zehle, Ph.D., from the “Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (
Ms. Marie-Laure Rolland from the newspaper “Luxemburger Wort” ( who are so kind to contribute to the panel discussion at their own expenses.

We also would like to thank our sponsor Voyages Emile Weber (, which is facilitating the mobility of our participants in the Greater Region during their entire stay.

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