Dr. Joseph Okpaku met with Vice President of Taiwan Vincent C. Siew after CMRT 08

Meeting Date: December 15, 2008

  • Honorable Vice President of Taiwan, Vincent C. Siew
  • Dr. Joseph Okpaku, Telecom Africa International Corporation
  • Dr. Der-Tsai Lee, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica
  • Joy Tang, TELDAP of Academia Sinica / note editor

On December 15, 2008, the Honorable Vice President of Taiwan Vincent C. Siew met with Dr. Joseph Okpaku, a keynote speaker for the TechnoCulture Expo 2008 held in Taiwan on December 10-12, 2008, for a conversation about the role of culture as a base for social development.

The conversation started with mutual appreciation for the welcoming speech by the Vice President and the keynote by Dr. Okpaku in last week's Techno Culture Expo. In the conversation, Vice President Siew reflected his belief of culture's importance in shaping the nation. He emphasized the needs for education on Taiwanese indigenous cultures, for the creation of the cultual and creative industries and for sharing with the world Taiwan's technological know-how to preserve and promote cultural heritage.

Dr. Okpaku expressed his hope in bringing young people together for cultural exchange and learning as a way to build the foundation for national strength. He advocated for a seamless transition from technology focused to culture focused direction as the strategic transformation for a peaceful and creative world. He further emphasized the inner strength of the people residing? within its culture. Therefore, human capacity building among the young people is crucial to a nation's well-being.

Vice President Siew shared his experiences of visiting Ghana and Nigeria in his earlier services for Taiwan trade development. He was deeply impressed by Africa's cultural richness and candidly pointed out the poor civic infrastructure in Africa which needs great attention and help by the world. Dr. Okpaku raised the strategic value in research and development to foster innovation for Africa's development.

'Taiwan is small and our assets are our good people,' said Vice President Siew. This meeting adjourned with amicable exchange on culture and technology's convergence as well as a shared vision on cultivation of human ingenuity through research and development.