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Culturemondo Development Plan 08/09 - Now Online

Our new development plan is now available to download from this site, just click below to download the PDF version Culturemondo Development Plan 08/09

4th Culturemondo Roundtable in Taiwan December 2008

December 10th - 12th 2008 - Taipei

Thanks to the sponsorship of TELDAP, our next roundtable event will be held in the Hua-shan Culture Park in Taipei.

Huashan Culture Park

Speakers include media theorist & net critic Geert Lovink, Joseph Okpaku, Gino Yu, George Oates from Flickr, Seb Chan from Powerhouse Musuem in Syndey and others.

Click here for more information: Agenda(12/08 updated) | Attendee List | Attendee Map


Online Survey 2008/09

The results and analysis of the third Culturemondo survey, conducted in Partnership with Culturelink are now available online here. Thank you to those of you who completed it. The survey is geared towards continuing our work to benchmark and track changing trends in digital culture and heritage and its results are useful for anyone interested in the working realities for cultural portals around the world.

Online Survey 2006

This second survey sought to find information about the tools and measurements of success utilized by portals worldwide.

The survey results, based on the responses of almost 100 cultural portals were analyzed and documented, and served as the basis for the second Culturemondo roundtable in Croatia in October 2006.

Click here to download the PDF report in English or French.

Online Survey 2005

Our first ever survey helped us begin to map and and understand the size and shape of cultural portals internationally.

The results, based on the responses of almost 80 cultural portals throughout the world, were analyzed and documented, and served as the basis for the first Culturemondo roundtable held in Japan in June 2005.

Click here to download the report.


Five years on - where are we headed was publlished in December 2009. It contains many of the insights shared at the 4th International Roundtable in Taipei in 2008, as well as the history and further development of the network itself.

The report reflects on an interesting time in the development of the internet, and for cultural websites in particular and aims to give a good grounding in the challenges we face as online cultural sector publishers, as well as the ways in which we might develop in the future. The report was written by Katherine Watson from Lab for Culture with support and input from our chair Jane Finnis and the International Steering Committee.

The report is currently only available from this site in English.


Cultural Portals - Gateways to a Global Commons
This report was launched by the Culturemondo network at the MICHAEL (Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe) conference at The Watershed in Bristol on November 15 2005.

It includes a comprehensive analysis in English, French and Spanish of the results of the first 2005 online survey and the first International Roundtable in Japan 2005. The report also looks to the challenges the future holds for the online publication of a national cultural offering.

Supporters & Funders

The principal sponsors of Culturemondo are:
TELDAP , the Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program.

Along with
Powerhouse Museum
Virtueel Platform

Sponsors of previous round tables and activities:
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