General information about the Culturemondo network.

Professional Directory

Culturemondo uses LinkedIn as its directory of cultural portal specialists; the database for its network members.

To add your name to the directory simply create a free profile for yourself in LinkedIn and add 'Member of Culturemondo' to your list of current jobs.

The more detail you put into your profile the better and remember to make your profile public.

Your profile will then be available for others in the network to read.

As the network grows and people within it get to know each other, you can begin to link to other Culturemondo members.

Email List

Culturemondo uses a public Google group to share and exchange information, questions, solutions, research and more.

Joining the group is simple, free and open to anyone who is working for a cultural portal or has expertise in this area. To join the email list please go to the Google group homepage and subscribe.

If you want to see who some of us are, you can look at photos taken at our meetings by network members on the Culturemondo Flickr group


Our Roundtable meetings are lively and informative meetings where we can discuss the issues facing us as professionals in online cultural portals. For many of our members, attending one of these meetings was their introduction to Culturemondo.

Since 2004 we have held five international face-to-face meetings (roundtables in Japan, Croatia, Cuba, Taiwan and New Zealand), with participants from over 45 countries and 70 cultural portals.

The first Culturemondo meeting took place in Brighton, UK in December 2004 where an International Steering Committee was formed with representatives from (Canada), (Sweden), (Belgium), (previously 24 Hour Museum, UK), (Australia) and (France). Other members have since joined the committee from Taiwan, Croatia, Cuba, Mexico and The Netherlands.

The next meeting is due to take place in Septemebr 2010 in Amsterdam as part of the PICNIC festival.

Google map showing location of all participants to all roundtables:



Culturemondo has published two reports "Cultural Portals - Gateways to a Global Commons" and "Five Years On", as well as three web surveys to date.

Join Us

Culturemondo is a network of people who are all working running, managing, building or editing cultural portals around the world.

It is open and free to anyone working in this area to join, wherever they are from.

Joining the network simply means joining our Email List. From here you will be connected to cultural portal specialists around the world - to share your ideas, ask questions and discuss common issues. You can also find out about all of the Culturemondo surveys, reports and annual face to face meetings.

Once you are a member you can post to the network and you will receive any posts from other members.

At present, the membership comes from those people who have previously attended our Roundtable meetings (Japan, Croatia and Cuba) or filled in our of our surveys.

The network uses delicious for its List of Portals and LinkedIn for a Professional Directory of its members CVs.

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